Are you planning to take online drawing classes?

Before making a definite decision, let me tell you some facts about these classes.
Do not be fooled by false advertisements. Many swindlers deceive you with these advertisements and steal your funds. Your greatest asset is your life and time.


oliver hardy charcoal drawing - online drawing class - online painting class
Oliver Hardy charcoal drawing – online drawing class

Some facts about online classes.

These classes are not as productive as face-to-face classes, unless your instructor is compassionate and teaches you sincerely, you will also fill the gap in face-to-face classes with a lot of practice.

Drawing is a long process and you should not imagine that you will become a great painter in a few months. And learning to draw in a few months is nothing more than a lie. But in my personal teaching style, I consider the average of two years for my students. After two years, a student can become well independent with a deep understanding of drawing. But I have never seen a person become a good painter in a few months.

You need to know what tutor you need. If you know enough about the principles and rules of drawing, you should start creating works of art. But if you are not familiar with the principles and rules, you need a strong technical instructor who can find your main drawing problems and solve them.

Most of my artists have been satisfied with my classes and have achieved the desired result, but sometimes, for some reason, some of them did not reach their goal, the main reason for all of them was preaching. So if you are lazy, give up the art of drawing.

My online classes are private and you can attend them and after a month you will feel the change in your drawings.

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