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Drawing is learnable scientific based on thinking, visualization and concentration

Please read all of the following before starting the online courses


I don't see any talent for drawing and painting in myself, can I succeed?

Yes, why not.
This is a fact that I and other students have witnessed many times.
Drawing is a learned science.If you try to achieve it with passion and perseverance, you will achieve amazing results.
I have had many students who felt the change in themselves in the very first session and went home with enthusiasm.
The biggest secret to success in drawing is to keep going and don’t get discouraged.

How is online drawing class held?

In the first session, the students should learn the correct rules of sitting at the drawing table, so that they can take good care of their body while drawing.Unprincipled sitting habits of students can be solved by repetition in class. Getting to know the tools is the next step that the students must learn in the first session to be able to use the tools well. After that, they will learn the correct principles of warming up. Warming the hands makes the joints not damaged during drawing and has good performance. Finally, the students are trained to create free lines, which they have to work for a week to create free lines.

In the second session, by examining the student’s exercises, their problems are taken. The students should write them in their notebook. In this way, they constantly review them during the week to avoid repeating them. If the problems of their practice are very few, they will be taught a new lesson and they can practice the learned topics until the end of the class, otherwise they should try to solve their problems until the next week. All the exercises of the students will be taken from them and only a few will be given to them for archiving. The students should date them and keep them in a folder, thus recording their progress in a correct manner.
How long will it take to draw well?

One of the common questions of students is that in how many months will I become a successful painter?

This question can have different answers for each person, but during these years that I have been teaching drawing and painting, on average, it can be said that each person will learn the main points of drawing and painting with continuous and serious practice within three years. If the student does less work, this time will be extended.
After completing the academic course of drawing, the student can study drawing independently and also follow his own unique path in different branches of art.

The development of drawing depends on time, besides, the student will become a successful painter sooner with more effort and precision

What tools do I need to get started?
You don’t need many tools to start drawing
A3 size paper
Get some paper to draw on throughout the week. If you have favorable conditions, get a package so that you don’t have to go to the stationery every day
A3 drawing board
Getting the right drawing board will allow you to use it for many years
2 mm lead pencil
To warm your hands, you need a 2 mm tipped pencil
Printed model
To do your exercises, you need a printed model, which can be a face or figure or nature depending on your interest. Spring the A4 printed models from above, then consider a cardboard cover for it so that it stands on the table.
Click here to download the models file
You need a notebook to write down teaching tips and mistakes. This notebook should be with you in every meeting
Drawing book A3
For time-consuming designs, you need an A3 drawing book. In the sketchbook, you do the same thing as you do on A3 papers, except that you don’t have a time limit for drawing here.
Fixative spray
To fix your drawings in the drawing book, you need a fixative spray or hair tuft, which you do not need to bring to class.
You must bring a folder to store and archive your drawings. Every session, a number of your drawings are archived in it. With this, you will have your progress available in a summary form
You will need other tools over time and according to the conditions

Other drawing tools needed in the future
blending stump in three different sizes
Hard and soft charcoal pencils
soft sandpaper
Paste eraser
Two centimeter paper glue

Tools needed for oil painting
Ivory black oil color
You don’t need many colors to start and you should start with a single color. Black is preferred
You will need sizes 4, 8 and 12 of flat or cat tongue brushes
Oil paint palette
For coloring, you need a color palette, preferably plastic
You also need a flexible spatula to prepare the paint
brush cleaner
Get some oil thinner or gasolin from the paint shop that you can use to wash your brushes well after drawing
During work, you will also need some cloth to clean the brush
Easel painting
And lastly you will need an easel to place the drawing board on

Below I have written some of the tools that you will need in the future
other colors
Ivory black
Titanium white
cadmium orange
Yellow ocher
Cadmium yellow pale
Flesh tint
Cadmium red deep hue
Permanent alizarin crimson
Virdian hue
French ultramarine
Cerulean blue hue
Burnt umber
Vandyke brown
Flat brush numbers 2, 8, 12, 18
Round brush numbers 0, 2, 6
Cat tongue brush numbers 14, 10, 6, 4, 2
Slanted head brush numbers 6, 12
linseed oil

Digital design tools needed
You need the academic principles of drawing for digital drawing, which you have to learn by hand and use in digital drawing. But to do digital drawing, you need the following tools
Any laptop that can run Photoshop version 2018 and above can be suitable for learning digital drawing. There are many students who started drawing with cheap systems and gradually upgraded their systems.
Digital pen
Fortunately, nowadays digital pens with different brands and various qualities are available to consumers. And you can start with cheap models. And later, when you learn how to use this tool correctly, prepare your favorite models. Before buying a digital pen, make sure that it is pressure sensitive
Drawing class rules

All students are obliged to follow the rules of the class

The classroom should be a safe place for your artistic growth and any obstacles to your learning will be dealt with

Before starting the class, the student should send her exercises to be presented at once so that the time of the student and the class is not wasted during the class.
It should be noted that you should write down all the questions that come to you during the week in your notebook so that you can ask them during the class. This way you will get a better education.

The student should come to the class with energy. Having energy makes you have a higher quality class.

Your absences will fuel the cost of your sessions. So plan as regularly as possible for your class

All students must be a member of the class WhatsApp group and be informed about the news of the class and share their research with others.

Time of online courses

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