Hi , I’m Meysam Qorbani   

meysam qorbani میثم قربانی

I am from Iran and live near Persepolise

Someone who has spent 15 years of his life painting and drawing.Drawing and painting has always been and will be my concern.
Unfortunately, false advertisements have also entered the field of art and painting, and in the meantime, they are trying to rob students with any technique.

Advertising such as learning to draw in a month or four sessions.Book zero to one hundred ofpaintings.Draw your face with the least tools and time

My goal is to educate those who honestly and resolutely enter the world of painting and drawing.

you can join me in online drawing class.

online drawing and painting classes can backfire if you do not have the energy and motivation to do so.

Rest assured you are talented, sometimes a painting teacher’s training methods are not always useful for everyone. howeverover the last few years, I have received positive feedback from all my students, and I promise you that after a few sessions of my online drawing class, you will clearly see the difference in your work.

Oil Painting


I can show you how to make felesh tones

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