Do you want to see full video of my drawing process?

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Most of us have a few learning packages in our computer archive or in our bookstore that we have not gone through.
For example, I myself bought a zero to one hundred Photoshop tutorial, but I did not look at the end of it, although I thought it was very useful.  Instead, I learned most of what I learned from my dear friend Mojtaba GHahramani , in the form of a video call.

I have gotten the answer over time, we sometimes need to talk to each other during the learning process, to joke with us, to encourage our strengths, to find our weaknesses as soon as possible before we get bored and  Unmotivated.

The fact that someone is always watching over us gives us a sense of security, like a child who is just starting to walk, both likes to walk independently and likes to walk under the supervision of his parents, I in online classes, make you independent  I cultivate, that you can leave me safely whenever you like.

The online drawing class has many methods, but I have always tried to make the students face the truth, maybe at the very beginning, with my guidance, someone will realize that drawing or painting does not meet his expectations.  This advice makes it easy for a person not to give up if he or she consciously steps on this path.

For this purpose, it is better to read facts about drawing.

To save you time, I have summarized the process of drawing my portraits in one minute.  But if you want to watch my videos slowly and with all the details, just contact me and I will provide you with zero to one hundred drawing processes with a little price.

If you take my online classes, I will share all the steps with you over time, as it is part of my teaching method.